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Treasure Hunts, sometimes referred to as T-Hunts or Trea$ure Hunt$, are rare Hot Wheels cars that have a green tab on the side of the packaging.

Hot Wheels releases 12 Treasure Hunts every year. Some have regular tires, which are referred to as Treasure Hunts, Regular Treasure Hunts or just T-Hunts, while others have rubber tires, which are known as $uper Trea$ure Hunt$, T-Hunt$, or just Trea$ure Hunt$.

You are not supposed to open a Treasure Hunt or a Trea$ure Hunt...they are really valuable.

Treasure Hunts started in 1995. The most valuable and rarest Treasure Hunt is the '67 Camaro. The second is the VW Drag Bus from 2005.

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